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Terms and conditions

The success of the trip is also facilitated by the fact that the terms of the transaction, which is an important part of every contract, have been clarified from the beginning. In addition to the legislation on tourist traveling both parties agree on the following terms and conditions needed for trip organisation: 1. Reservations, contract, payment Reservation takes place in writing or online, and it entails an agreement with Latvia-Outdoor. If a person offers several participants, he is also responsible for other participants’ contractual obligations. The contract is concluded from the moment when we send confirmation of booking. After receiving the booking confirmation the prepayment (20%) has to be transferred. If the tour costs less than 200 EUR the full cost of the tour should be paid (payment - Bank transfer). The balance will be payable within 30 days before the arrival. 2. Services, prices, conditions of program changes The list of contractual services you can see in the description of programm. Latvia-Outdoor can change services after the conclusion of the contract only in cases which do not make worse the program of the trip and participants should be informed about that fact in time. The weather conditions, water levels, force majeure, changes in legislation, diseases and other factors may influence the program and make changes for the offered services. We are always concerned about how to provide equal replacement services, which are described in the original contract. That kind of changes do not decrease the value of services. Unpredictable force majeure, which significantly improves the conditions of travel, gives both parts the posibility to terminate the contract at any time. Latvia-Outdoor has rights to receive payment for performed services. In that case, if there are additional costs, unforeseen in the contract, both parts reimburse the costs equaly. Latvia-Outdoor has the rights to change the price of the tour 21 days before departure (e.g. currency fluctuations). The client should be informed and in the case of increasing the cost by more than by 10% the client may terminate the contract without obligations.There is no refund for unused services that were included in the program. The participant should be aware that travel-related adventures - this is not the standard supply and may require from the organizer and participant flexibility and the ability to improvise. 3. Termination of the Agreement, the change of the date, the replacement of the participant Participant may terminate the contract before the start of the trip with written statement. In this case, we can demand compensation for the preparation of traveling and administrative costs: 30 days before departure - 20% of the total amount of booked services, for 29 - 15 days before departure - 40% of the total amount of booked services, for 14 - 8 days before the trip - 60% of the total amount of booked services, for 7 - 3 days prior to departure - 90% of the total amount of booked services, 2 days or less before departure - 100% of the total amount of booked services. Change of the date: 30 days before the trip, we demand compensation for preparatory work in the amount of 25 EUR. If the date is changed later, the preparatory work and the new booking services should be reimbursed. Replacing of travel participant: 3 days before the trip, you can terminate the agreement in writing and replace participant of travel by another person. In this case, we demand compensation for preparatory work in the amount of 25 EUR and other incurred additional costs. Replacing of travel participant can be carried out if the person has the requirements of the proposed activities, and Latvia-Outdoor approves replacement of travel participant. Termination of the contract by the Latvia-Outdoor: Latvia-Outdoor can cancel the contract no later than 8 weeks before the trip, if there isn’t the minimum number of participants.The travel participants must be notified immediately. Latvia-Outdoor returns a receipt of payment or pre-payment services, but does not have to reimburse payment for the preparatory work,for the reduction of profits or booking. Latvia-Outdoor can cancel the contract during the event or before it, if the participant interferes the preparation or conduction of the event despite the warnings, threaten other participants or is not able to participate in activities. During the event, travel attendant or the organizer of the event can terminate the contract, giving a verbal warning. In this case Latvia-Outdoor does not return the received payment services, because Latvia- Outdoor should reimburse expenses of the event. 4. Responsibility, the state of health Latvia-Outdoor is committed to prepare and provide booked services carefully and diligently. We are not responsible for: damage which arose through the fault of third parties or if the travel participant does not fulfill requirements of travel attendant or organizer of the event. Maximum amount of our responsibility is threefold cost of the trip. Participation in all courses, events and other programs is at participants’ own risk. The participant confirms that he is in a normal physical state, has sufficient swimming skills and starts the tour, as well as the sports program and the program of adventure only in good health. Latvia-Outdoor is not responsible for the arrival to Latvia. For storage of private property in our vehicles and tents or other rented premises the owner is responsible himself. 5. Warranty, support, partnership, decrease in price, compensation for damages Latvia-Outdoor can seek the assistance of a third parties if it can not provide the service in accordance with the contract. If such assistance requires disproportionate costs, we can refuse to provide this service. This problem we can solve by replacing this services by an equivalent service. If there is a threat of disruption of services or activities, Latvia-Outdoor is obliged to do everything possible to prevent the failure of the event or service, limit violations and minimize the damage. For providing activities or travel services that do not meet the conditions of the tour contract or for significant claims party may demand a reduction of price. Deficiencies should be identified and announced immediately or in written within one month after the end of the trip. 6. Passport, visa, border control, insurance Travel participants are responsible themselves for a passport, visa, border control documents, vaccinations, as well as documents on the car and tickets. 7. Other service provider If a service offered by us is performed by another service provider, its terms and conditions apply. These are available on request. Latvia-Outdoor is responsible and liable only in his position as a broker. 8. Legal validity If certain conditions lose their validity, the contract as a whole remains in force. 9. Jurisdiction Latvia-Outdoor Sebastian Boldt Hellersdorfer Weg 35 12689 Berlin Germany
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