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Would you like to get to know Latvia from its unknown side and spend your vacation away from Riga? I would be happy to work with you to create an unforgettable holiday in the Latvian hinterland. Here are some suggestions for your vacation.

Rental car round trip

- through all 4 regions of Latvia.

10 days from/to Riga Day 1 1st day individual arrival to Riga The journey begins with your individual arrival to Riga - the pearl of the Baltic. The capital of Latvia is the largest city in the Baltics and has a long tradition as a Hanseatic city. After you have reached your apartment you have enough time to get to know Riga on your own.

Bicycle trip through Latgale

- Lakes, churches and the Daugava

6 days from/to Riga Day 1 Train Riga - Daugavpils Welcome to Riga. At 09.00 o'clock you pick up the bicycles and go to the main station. Here you take the train from Riga to Daugavpils, the second largest city in the country. Arrived at the train station, your tour guide awaits you. Today is enough time for an individual city sightseeing in Daugavpils. Overnight in a hotel in Daugavpils.

Bicycle trip through Vidzeme

- manor houses and the Gauja

6 days from/to Riga Day 1 Riga - Sigulda - Igate (ca. 40 km - 100% asphalt) Welcome to Riga. At 09.00 o'clock your bicycle round trip starts at 09.00 o'clock with the handing over of the bicycles. Your train from Riga leaves at 10.35 clock to Sigulda, the first stop on the journey. There you will arrive at 11.50 and have enough time to see the city. Afterwards you cycle to Igate, where you stay in a hotel.

Hunting trips

“good hunting”

individually from / to Riga Latvia is the middle of the three Baltic states and offers a rich, varied and almost untouched nature. Our main hunting area is located in the southeast of Latvia - in Latgale. In addition to deer, rabbits, wild boars and foxes, moose, wolves, lynxes, beavers and European bisons are also found.

Hiking trip along the Baltic Sea

- untouched beach idyll

7 days from/to Riga Day 1 arrival and city walk The walking tour begins with your individual arrival in Riga and a transfer from the airport to your hotel. Your tour guide will show you the European Capital of Culture 2014 on a city tour and guide you through the old town, the central market and the Art Nouveau district. The overnight stay takes place in Riga.
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