LATVIA OUTDOOR organizes family-friendly hiking, adventure and adventure trips away from the well-known tourist destinations in Latvia.
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Nice that you have found your way to Latvia and to me. My name is Sebastian. I was born in Berlin. In Germany, I gained 15 years of experience in tourism and event management before I fulfilled my big dream in Latvia. In 2013, I quit my job with a tour operator and bought land in the latvian countryside. Now I am using my experiences to run the holiday complex UPES DIŽVIETAS and the tour operator LATVIA OUTDOOR. I invite you to get to know the rural and original Latvia. The holiday complex UPES DIŽVIETAS is located in the middle of the Daugavas Loki Nature Park and offers a perfect view of the meanders of the Daugava - the largest river in Latvia. My guests can choose from several overnight accommodations:
1 comfortable guest apartment 2 guest houses with shared bathroom and kitchen “Hayloft" RV parks tent sites
The spacious outdoor area offers everything for a pleasant holiday in nature - barbecues overlooking the river or long nights around the campfire. The little vacationers can let off steam in the playground and get to know the farm life with goats and chickens. On cold evenings, I can heat the sauna and serve you a warm tea. You want to explore nature and be active in sports? I lend bicycles, organize canoe trips and rides through the nature park Daugavas Loki.
The holiday complex “Upes Dizvietas” celebrates 2019 it’s 5th anniversary And as a thank you, everyone, who stays for 4 nights, will get the 5th night for free.
4 = 5