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RULES IN FESTIVAL TERRITORY * Festival territory is open for Festival visitors from 22 May, 12:00 to 24 May, 18:00. * Visitors can participate in all events and concerts in the Festival territory and access all Festival areas that are open for visitors (except specially designated areas). * Festival visitors can bring and use any kid of photo cameras. * Only visitors with a valid Festival wristband are allowed in the Festival territory. It is prohibited to * use open fire (including, but not limited to – candles, grills, oil lamps, camping stoves, torches etc.) *** There are special BBQ areas available *** * use, sell and carry narcotic substances * carry out any commercial activities without written consent by the Festival organizers * advertise, offer and distribute any goods or services without written consent by the Festival organizers * make any film and audio recordings without consent by the Festival organizers * minors under 18 years of age – purchase alcohol or cigarettes * minors under 18 years of age – be in the festival territory from 22:00 till 8:00 without the company of a parent or adult * behave in a manner that endangers the safety and health of other Festival visitors * swim, except in places that are clearly marked for this purpose * damage the property of other visitors or the festival territory * litter * enter with narcotic substances or objects that can endanger the safety or comfort of other visitors (including, but not limited to – guns, explosives, knives, gas bottles etc.) The Festival does not provide storage facilities for prohibited goods and objects. The Festival organizers are not responsible for * traumas that visitors have suffered during the Festival * damage or loss or theft of personal belongings – we recommend not bringing and not leaving any expensive or valuable items in the tent * unused tickets – they will not be compensated for * activities of state or municipal institutions during the Festival and in the Festival territory The Festival organizers are entitled to * change the Festival programme and schedule without prior notice * refuse entrance to the Festival or expel visitors from the Festival territory whose behaviour interferes with, or may interfere with, the Festival activities and/or endanger the safety of other visitors * organizers can refuse to sell alcoholic beverages to visitors who are intoxicated and can endanger themselves or other Festival visitors * expel a visitor from the Festival territory and confiscate the Festival wristband if the visitor violates the Festival rules or any other directions and instructions by the organizers Other important issues * A camping place for setting up a tent is included in the ticket price and no extra fee will not be charged * There are public toilets in the Festival territory * Dogs are allowed in the Festival territory if wearing a leash and a muzzle * Festival attendees must sort their waste and use the waste sorting bins, as well as keep the territory clean and protect the environment * Festival attendees shall treat the inhabitants of the nearby houses with respect * Lost and found items can be searched and brought to the embassy * All payments are to be made in cash * As the Festival takes place in the territory of the nature park “Daugavs Loki”, attendees must treat the nature and all animals with care These Festival rules can be altered at any time as organizers see fit. The latest version of the rules will always be available on the Festival website. The Festival visitors must also comply with any other instructions and applicable legal requirements not mentioned in these rules but announced by the organizers in any form they see fit. Your presence in the Festival territory is your consent to comply with these Rules. The organizers are entitled to expel you from the Festival if you violate these Rules.