Project Nutopia Music-Art-Performance-Festival 21.05. - 24.05.2020
3-DAY FESTIVAL PROJECT NUTOPIA 22.05. - 24.05.2020 Based on John Lennon and Yoko Ono's 1973 conceptual country, PROJECT NUTOPIA invites you to celebrate 3 days far from everyday life. Get to know nice people from all over the world, relax in beautiful surroundings, and experience what life could be like in a better society.
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The general idea of the NUTOPIA society We dare to say that humans are more than consumers and polluters of this planet and we want to learn from nature where everything is in harmony and balance, so we are living in line with the following principles: Reducing waste at the source    We are avoiding waste as much as possible and are sorting what we do create.    We try to avoid disposable plastic So there is no bottled water for sale, but since we also believe that     availability of drinking water is an essential human right, we provide free drinking water to fill in your own     container such as a reusable bottle or a cup borrowed from the dish library.    The dish library – to reduce the amount of disposable tableware we have a dish library – borrow a plate,    cutlery, have some food, wash it and put it back.    How to make our ecological footprint smaller?  We encourage everyone to come by public transport or share a    car with friends and family. Ecology of mind starts from the stomach We try to provide organic, local and seasonal food. Because food production has become one of the greatest contributors to environmental pollution. We believe that together we can create PROJECT NUTOPIA to become something more than a festival – a society of freedom, an inspiration for travelling the earth and dreaming of a new world.