Latvia Outdoor

The Dogs - Wotan and Rosa

My dog Wotan is a West Siberian Laika, which I got in 2014 as a puppy from a local breeder. He loves freedom and is often on the road for a night or two. In summer 2016 he came back from the forest with a young female dog. Since she did not belong to anyone in the area, I decided to keep her and gave her the name Rosa. Wotan and Rosa are a heart and a soul, very cuddly and just as trusting.

My little farm

The Chickens

What would a real farm be without chickens? There are 20 chickens and a rooster, running around freely. In the forest or on the meadow orchard there is always a place to paw or peck. So your breakfast eggs are secured.

The Goats

I also wanted to keep animals. Since a neighbor has been looking for a new home for two goats, I have decided to take them. I built a cozy stable and a large outdoor enclosure and taught myself how to milk via the internet. Meanwhile, my small herd has grown to seven animals. Of course, I offer homemade goat cheese.